Featured on 47ABC’s “Good News”

Every day people in my community and communities across the world are living with aches and pains, and I believe this is just unacceptable!

It’s unacceptable because I know that there are many common problems that can be effectively treated in physical therapy. And now I’m so pleased that in our community, there is Direct Access.

As of January 2015, all 50 states of our great nation plus the District of Columbia (right around the corner), and the US Virgin Islands (a little farther) have some form of direct access to physical therapy services.

What does this mean to you? Simply put, it means that you can make an appointment with us without a doctors referral! It means that your path to relief can begin NOW.

So now that you know that you can get therapy without the delays and hassle of seeing your doctor first, getting a referral and all that… I want you to know about the many effective treatment techniques that we provide for so many common conditions that most people just don’t know about. Below are a few of these more common conditions – read them over, let me know if any of them seem to apply to you, and know that once you give us a call, you won’t have to suffer much longer!

Thumb Arthritis: the joint at the base of the thumb is a common joint that can become arthritic. Did you know this can be treated with 3 simple exercises that are taught by our Certified Hand Therapists? Of course we will also perform hands on treatments in addition to modalities such as Fluidotherapy and paraffin to provide pain relief and improve motion.

Hand/Finger Arthritis: Having difficulty bending your fingers to make a firm grip or hold a gallon of milk? We combine specialized joint mobilization along with specific strengthening of the smaller muscles in your hand to reduce pain and improve hand strength.

Tennis & Golfers Elbow: These two overuse conditions can be very painful at the outside & inside of the elbow respectively. In addition to traditional physical therapy treatments, we combine the use of Hawkgrips (Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) and Kinesiotape to achieve successful resolution of pain.

Trigger Finger: Is your finger or thumb getting stuck and you have to force it up? This may be what is called a trigger finger. If caught early enough, our Certified Hand Therapists can help. We will use various hands on techniques, custom splinting of the finger, and education on what to avoid while healing. Neck or Back pain that is radiating into the arm or leg: Many times these issues can be attributed to a bulging or herniated disc. Our physical therapists can help to determine the cause of your radiating pain and form a treatment plan accordingly. Many times these symptoms can be helped significantly with mechanical traction.

Give us a call today at 410.208.3300 or simply stop in to see us – we’re right around the corner in the Pennington Commons – a few doors down from Food Lion. – Bill Hamilton