Established by eastern shore native Jennifer S. Hamilton and her husband William “Billy” Hamilton Jr. in 2019, both having served the local community since graduating from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore in 2006 with their doctorates in Physical Therapy. Jennifer and Billy are both Certified Hand Therapists (CHT) – having been certified since 2012. Given that only 15% of CHT’s (in the world) are physical therapists, Billy and Jenn bring a unique combination of education and training to the practice, enabling them to treat conditions of the entire body. In fact, Billy and Jenn are the only CHT’s that are ALSO physical therapists in the region – spanning from Salisbury to Ocean City and the surrounding communities.=




“As CHT’s, our primary goal is to provide highly specialized treatment to patients with upper extremity conditions or injuries and as Physical Therapists the goal is to provide exceptional and individualized treatments for patients suffering from ALL conditions such as neck, back, hip, knee, and ankle/foot pain” notes Jenn.

While serving the Ocean Pines community for the past 10 years, Billy has developed a proprietary one-on-one balance training program designed to reduce the risk of falling and subsequent injury.

“We evaluate the 3 systems that influence balance (Vision, Vestibular, & Joint proprioceptors).” Billy explains “Then we tailor exercises to address the specific deficits that were discovered. We also have the patient perform one-on-one balance activities and skills to challenge the systems that were found to be impaired during the evaluation.”

“This is a proprietary one-on-one program that Billy designed and which we have found to be hugely effective for our patients!” notes Jenn

Jenn and Billy provide unique care by giving truly undivided attention to each and every person. When you come to Hamilton Physical Therapy, you will feel the warm, friendly environment from the very first time you call or stop in to the clinic.