Direct Access is the ability of a patient to obtain insurance covered physical therapy without a physician’s prescription.

Every state has different regulations regarding Direct Access, however Maryland has NO restrictions on Direct Access and Physical Therapy services are covered by most insurance.

Direct Access…

  • Means that anyone who would benefit from physical therapy can have access to treatment without a referral from their doctor.
  • Eliminates the unnecessary barriers that delay treatment. These delays can result in higher healthcare costs, decreased functional outcomes and patient frustration.  Removing these delays results in timely, more effective care.
  • Allows you to make decisions regarding your own health care. Eliminating the referral requirement is one step in making health care more accessible to more people.
  • Allows us to treat your aches, pains or functional deficits faster, accelerating the rehabilitation and recovery process and getting you back to your normal activities in a shorter amount of time.


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