… the atmosphere is fun and upbeat – yet as serious as your pain!

Physical therapy with us tends to be enjoyable and rewarding. Many patients have told us how sad they feel when they recover because they enjoyed the entire experience with us so much. Similarly, we value every moment that we have the privilege of interacting with our patients and by the end of our work with them, they become people we call friends for years to come.

“improving your quality of life through exercise, hands on care, and education”

A physical therapy session with us is likely to be very different than what you might have experienced in the past. We take pride in ensuring that every patient receives significant one-on-one time with their primary physical therapist at every session and our entire team is involved in every aspect of your visit to ensure continuity for you.

We believe that by making every session enjoyable for you – your healing will go smoother and faster!

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We evaluate the 3 systems that influence balance (Vision, Vestibular, & Joint proprioceptors). Then we tailor exercises to address the specific deficits that were discovered. We also have the patient perform 1 on 1 balance activities and skills to challenge the systems that were found to be impaired during the evaluation.

…including Pain Relief, strength and motion treatment.

… such as Manual Therapy such as Joint mobilization, soft tissue massage, muscle energy techniques, etc…

“Hawk Grips” Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization: the use of specially designed stainless steel tools to perform massage like treatments.

Both Jenn and Billy are Certified Hand Therapists.Fun Fact: there are only 900 Certified Hand Therapists who are ALSO Physical Therapists, and there are only 6200 in the entire world! Having access to a Certified Hand Therapist that is also a Doctor of Physical therapy is rare and should be taken advantage of when suffering from pain in any part of your arm!Go HERE for more information on our Hand Therapy Services.

… (Balance and Mobility Rehabilitation) for Stroke, Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis, etc…

… also known as NMES to facilitate muscle contraction.

… for Neck & Low Back. Mechanical Traction is a very successful alternative to surgery on herniated or bulging discs in the neck or back. Traction reduces the pressure on the discs and nerves through a gentle traction force. This traction force expands the spaces between the vertebrae, thus providing pain relief.

A heating modality that acts as a dry whirlpool in which dry finely ground corn husk is the medium that your hand is submerged in. This is an effective tool at heating, desensitizing, and allowing for active movements.

A total body work out machine designed for all ages and fitness levels. This machine is low impact and can improve your cardiorespiratory health.

Custom, Semi-Custom & Prefabricated Splints & Orthosis.For more information on Prefabricated Splints & Orthosis visit our Resources page.

A Vasopneumatic device used to reduce swelling and pain. This device has several sleeves designed to fit different parts of the body for effective delivery of compression and cold therapy

Used as a form of heat before or after treatment to facilitate healing and range of motion.

The upper body ergometer is designed to strengthen the arms. This machine is great for strengthening and cardiorespiratory health. It is also wheelchair accessible.